Insomniac Games

Gameplay Programming Intern

At Insomniac, I worked with their talented Gameplay Programming team. With the guidance of my manager and the many people I collaborated with, I helped to build part of the amazing games Insomniac is known for. My role involves me working closely with members on multiple project teams, creating tools for designers, solving bugs from the project backlog, and creating game features. 

One project I am particularly proud of involved refactoring a system developed by a Senior Programmer involving water simulations and buoyancy systems and then extending the system to function for a more broad set of applications. 

During my time I learned powerful communication practices, how to work in a large production environment, and best practices to be a stronger programmer. I worked with people in  a swath of different departments and have a much wider insight into what is needed to develop and ship a AAA game of the quality Insomniac is known for.